Neostoic philosophy


From a small blue planet Tiny parts of our universe has become conscious. Realizing we are a small part of something grander with 100 billion other galaxies out there.

We disagree on many things but tend to agree that life is beautiful.

Before our universe awoke, there was no beauty, as beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and before there were eyes there was no one to experience that beauty.

With life came The pursuit of goals. With goals came meaning and purpose. Had our universe never birthed consciousness it would have been completely pointless. Merely a gigantic waste of space and if we went back to sleep it would become meaningless again.

That could happen.

We don’t yet know if we are the only conscious beings, or the first. But we do know that we are here and our species has not locked it’s place into this universe. up.

Life may spread throughout the cosmos, and it may be based on the little decisions we make here on this planet, during our life time. Make the right decisions. Make the Neostoic decisions.

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